• Lineage Straight Magnum Cartridges

    Lineage Straight Magnum Cartridges

    Experience the Time-Tested Excellence of Lineage Needles Straight Magnum Tattoo Cartridges For decades, straight magnum cartridges have remained a cornerstone in the tattoo industry, with each artisan adding their unique touch. At our workshop, we've...
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  • Lineage Curved Magnum Cartridges

    Lineage Curved Magnum Cartridges

    Unlock Unparalleled Tattoo Artistry with Lineage Needle Co. Curved Magnum Membrane Cartridges. Experience tattooing at its finest with Lineage Needle Co. thoughtfully designed curved magnum membrane cartridges. We've engineered these needles to deliver...
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  • Lineage Hollow Liner Cartridges

    Lineage Hollow Liner Cartridges

    Introducing the game-changing, newly redesigned hollow liners from Lineage Needle Co. Our cutting-edge Lineage Cartridges boast an unmatched combination of bold lines and maximum ink flow that every professional tattoo artist adores. With revamped...
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