We stand on the shoulders of giants

The goal of Lineage Needle Co. is to bring high quality tattoo needles to the trade at an affordable price, making them the true working class tattooer's needle. With over 35 years' experience in tattooing, we understand the finer points required to provide a quality tattoo needle. This hands-on experience has allowed us to know exactly what we are looking for when it comes to the materials, construction and performance it takes to make a high quality tool that will hold up throughout a tattoo. With tireless amounts of research, development, and testing we bring to you what we think are the most affordable and high quality tattoo needles on the market today.

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Owned and Operated by Tattooers

Fred Pinckard

Fred's obsession with tattooing began at a very young age after seeing the old military tattoos on his grandfathers forearm. The worn yet readable images solidified his fate and lifelong goal to become a tattooer. Finding an apprenticeship in Texas, where he learned tattooing the old way, making your tools that make your living, he sat out on his path. Now with 20+ years in the trade it's time to give back to the business that gave him everything. Lineage Needle Co. is built upon the foundations laid by those who came before us, we stand on the shoulders of giants to bring you the quality you deserve.

Josh Autrey

With a strong art background and an attraction to the craft of tattooing, Josh began tattooing professionally in 2003. Taught to make needles, pigment, and what constitutes a good tattoo from the beginning, Josh ended up in Richmond VA in 2009 and met Fred, eventually working together at the award-winning Salvation Tattoo Gallery and later co-founding Lineage Needle Co. His emphasis on experience, tradition, and quality align with the mission of Lineage Needle Co.- to bring you the best and nothing less.

Developed by tattooers

Lineage Needles, liners, magnums, cartridges, and tubes were designed and developed by tattooers for working class tattooers. Whether it's day to day walk-ins or elaborate large scale work, Lineage Needle Co. has you covered.

Lineage Needle Co. Quality Pre-made tattoo needles